Marina Bekh-Romanchuk

Marina Bekh-Romanchuk

Ukrainian track and field athlete
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Short biography

Marina Bekh-Romanchuk (nee Marina Bekh) is a Ukrainian track and field athlete.

Short biography

Marina Bekh was born on July 18, 1995 in the village of Morozov in Khmelnitsk Region.

Sport Marina Bekh, with the approval of her parents, began practicing at an early age and soon found out that her calling is the long jump.

She made her debut in international athletics at the age of sixteen, in 2011, performing in France at the 7th World Youth Championships in Athletics, but managed to get only fifth position. However, the same year Marina Bekh won the European Youth Olympic Festival held in Turkey.

In 2013 at the European Junior Championships in Italy Marina Bekh won the bronze medal with 6.44m.

Later, in 2016, Marina Bekh represented Ukraine at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. At this Olympics Bekh distinguished herself by the fact that she was able to pass from the tenth place to the final in the qualification thanks to one jump. Unfortunately, Bech's performance in the finals was much worse and she didn't win a single medal.

Bekh rehabilitated herself at the 24th European Athletics Championships, held in Berlin in 2018. Bech finished with a silver medal.

And in 2019, at the European Games held in Minsk, Marina Bekh first took bronze in the long jump and later brought Ukraine a gold medal in the team competition.

That same year, Marina Bekh had a flawless victory at the Summer Universiade, in Naples, leaving Italy with a gold medal.

In the winter of 2019 Marina Bekh tried herself in a completely new role, starring in an erotic photo shoot for the popular men's magazine XXL.

Personal life

The track and field athlete is married. The husband of Marina Bekh - Ukrainian swimmer, Mikhail Romanchuk. The wedding of the two athletes took place in September 2018.

Network activity

  • Twitter. There are 82 people subscribed to Marina Bekh's Twitter page.

  • Instagram. The appearance of new photos of Marina Bekh in Instagram is followed by almost 150 thousand users.

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