Jozsef Sabo

Jozsef Sabo

Honored coach of Ukraine
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Short biography

Yozhef Yozhefovich Sabo was a famous Soviet soccer player and Ukrainian coach.

Brief biography

Jozsef Sabo was born February 29, 1940 in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathia.

Jozsef Szabo started his career as a soccer player in 1957, when he played for FC Khimik (Kalush). The next two seasons Sabo played for Uzhgorod "Spartak".

In 1959, Jozsef Sabo for the next ten years joined the soccer club "Dynamo" (Kiev).

In 1970 Sabo played one season for "Zorya" team from Voroshilovgrad and at the end of the season he played for "Dynamo" in Moscow for two more years.

In addition, from 1965 to 1972 Jozsef Sabo played for the USSR national soccer team, altogether he played in forty matches.

Jozsef Sabo finished his career of a soccer player in 1972.

In 1977 Jozsef Sabo started his coaching career at FC Zorya (Lugansk). Thanks to Sabo "Zarya" rose to ninth position in the championship of the Soviet Union.

In 1978 Szabo took on the coaching job at Kyiv "CSKA", and in the 1979 season - FC "Dnipro" from Dnipro.

After a long break Jozsef Szabo returned to coaching, signing a contract with FC Dynamo (Kyiv) as a head coach.

However, after Valeriy Lobanovskiy's return to Dynamo as head coach, Jozsef Sabo moved down to the position of assistant coach.

Jozsef Sabo stayed in the coaching staff of FC Dynamo (Kyiv) until 2007.

And from 1996 to 1999 Jozsef Sabo coached the national soccer team of Ukraine.

Jozsef Sabo statistics

During his career of a player Jozsef Sabo played 386 soccer matches in total, scoring 69 goals.

Under his guidance as a coach Dynamo Kyiv has four times won the Ukrainian Championship, and twice won the Ukrainian Cup.

Among Yozhef Sabo's personal achievements are the titles of the Honored Master of Sports of the Soviet Union and Honored Coach of Ukraine, as well as the Order of Merit of the first degree, received in 2011.

Personal life

The soccer player is married. The couple is raising a son - Arthur.

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