Ivo Bobul

Ivo Bobul

Ukrainian pop singer
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Short biography

Ivo (Ivan Vasilyevich) Bobul is a famous Ukrainian pop singer.

Brief biography

Ivo Bobul was born in Terebleche village, Chernovtsy region, on June 17, 1953.

He graduated from a vocational technical school in Slavyansk, Donetsk region.

He served in the Soviet Army, and during his service he performed concerts in numerous military units.

From 1980 till 1984 he sang in Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic Society, first in the musical group "Cheremosh", and then in the musical group "Zhiva voda".

From 1984 till 1991 he sang in Ternopil philharmonic, at the same time being the leader of a local orchestra "Vivaton". In 1991 he returned to the Chernivtsi Philharmonic.

In 1992 Ivo Bobul began to perform in Kiev theater "Etude".

In 1995 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine, and three years later - the People's Artist.

In 2006 he received a red diploma in Music and Pedagogy Department of Chernovetsky University named after Yuriy Fedkovich.

Ivo Bobul teaches voice at the Kiev Academy of Pop and Circus Art.

Visited with concerts in the war zone in Donbass. He performed a total of sixteen charity concerts in the front-line units and twelve more in different settlements in the Ukrainian-controlled territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

He is a Knight of the Order of Nicholas the Wonderworker of the first degree, the Order of Yaroslav the Wise of the fifth degree and the Order of Merit of the third degree.

Personal life

Ivo Bobul was married four times. With his third wife - the famous Ukrainian singer Lilia Sandulescu - he was married for ten years. His fourth wife, Natalia Bobul, is 12 years younger than the artist. Now the married couple is raising a son, Daniil.

Ivo Bobul's songs

On the account of Ivo Bobul a total of six albums:

  • "Popolina Lubov".

  • "The Heavens of Your Eyes".

  • "Emigrant Girl".

  • "Songs for You".

  • "The River of Life".

  • "You're My Dream."

Although the artist performs a huge number of songs - both copyright and folk - but the most popular hits of Ivo Bobul are:

  • "Yaksho love - kohai".

  • "Marichka."

  • "Millennium Siavo."

  • "The violin sounded."

  • "How Young We Were."

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