Dmytro Dikusar

Dmytro Dikusar

Ukrainian dancer
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Short biography

DmytroDikusar is a Ukrainian dancer and choreographer.

Brief biography

Dmytro Dikusar was born in Odessa, October 24, 1985.

Dikusar started dancing - first ballroom, and later sports - at the age of six.

He received his higher education at the Kiev Institute of Physical Education, which he graduated from in 2008, receiving a diploma of ballroom dancing coach.

For many years he performed at sport dance competitions both in Ukraine and in the world. Dmytro Dikusar achieved the greatest success in Latin American dancing - he made it to the finals of the European Cup, and was also a prize-winner of the World Championship in this dance genre.

In 2006 Dmitry Dikusar received the title of candidate master of sports in ballroom dancing, and later he repeatedly became a finalist of international competitions and the championship of Ukraine.

He took part in Dancing with the Stars on the 1+1 TV channel. He performed in the second season, in 2007, in a pair with the most popular Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk. In 2011 he took part in the Russian "Dancing with the Stars", later he also worked with the Georgian version of the same show.

Personal life

Dikusar tied all three of his novels on "Dancing with the Stars".

Dmitry Dikusar and Irina Bilyk began their relationship in 2007, having met on the set of "Dancing with the Stars". Soon they got married, holding a solemn ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. However, in 2010, the couple broke up.

In 2012, Dmitry Dikusar began dating dancer Alena Shoptenko, with whom he also met on "Dancing with the Stars". In 2013, Dmitry Dikusar and Alena Shoptenko got married . Except that this marriage did not last very long - in 2016, the choreographer and the two-time ballroom world champion divorced.

With his third passaia, whose name is still unknown, Dmitry Dikusar, according to rumors, met on the set of the Georgian "Dancing with the Stars" in 2018th year.

Online activity

In addition to Instagram, Dmitry Dikusar also maintains his own page in the social network Facebook, where the choreographer has already accumulated more than four thousand subscribers.

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