Denis Malyushka

Denis Malyushka

Minister of Justice of Ukraine
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DenysMaliushka - Minister of Justice of Ukraine

Brief biography of Denys Maliushka

Denys Maliushka was born in Khmelnytschyna, in the town of Dunayevtsy, on November 19, 1981.

His higher education Denis Maliushka received first in Kyiv Shevchenko National University. Shevchenko. He also studied at the University of London.

For a long time he worked in the legal sphere. In 2004 Denis Malyushka established a law firm called "Business Law Firm", and in 2005 - a limited liability company "Radnik Pres", which he himself headed.

In 2010, Denis Maliushka started working with the World Bank as a consultant on private sector development issues. In this position, he provided technical support to the governments of Ukraine and Central Asia.

Later he moved to the position of Deputy Head of the BRDO/World Bank Group think tank.

Denis Malyuska was brought to the government sector by the current Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk, who had been in charge of BRDO since 2015. Thus, after the Ukrainian presidential election, when Goncharuk took the chair of the Deputy Head of the Presidential Office for Economic Affairs, Denis Malyuska was appointed as an advisor in the OP and dealt with land issues.

In the Ukrainian extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, Denys Maliushka ran for a seat in the parliament from the "Servant of the People" party.

What Denis Malyushka is known for

Before the parliamentary elections he told journalists that in his opinion the salary of a people's deputy is too low and if he is elected, Maliushka will be forced to "eat up his savings".

He has repeatedly called land reform a key factor for Ukraine's rapid economic growth.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

TheVerkhovna Rada of the ninth convocation at its first session approved the candidacy of Denis Malyushka for the position of Minister of Justice.

Family of Denis Malyushka

The Minister is married. His wife, Lyudmyla Rabchynska, is a judge in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The couple has four children.

Activity in the network

  • Facebook. On the page of Denis Maliushka in the social network Facebook is subscribed by almost two thousand people.

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