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Alla Borisovna Pugacheva (born April 15, 1949, Moscow, USSR) is a famous Soviet and Russian singer, songwriter, stage director, producer, movie actress and TV host. People's Artist of the USSR (1991), winner of the State Prize of Russia (1995).

Her repertoire includes more than 500 songs in Russian, English, French, German, Finnish, Ukrainian and Hebrew, and her discography numbers more than 100 solo records, CDs and DVDs (including 17 numbered albums, 34 singles and 25 compilations and collections). Besides Russia and the former Soviet Union, Pugacheva's albums were released in Japan, Korea, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria. The total number of discs exceeded 250 million copies.

Now the singer is called "primadonna", "queen of the variety", "the main singer of Russia". From 1976 up to the beginning of the 1990s she was invariably acknowledged as the best female singer of the year according to polls of all-Union music hit parades.

According to many contemporaries, Pugacheva was the first free singer in the USSR and revolutionized the Soviet stage during the Brezhnev stagnation. In particular, she refused to sing officious, ideologically "correct" songs about the CPSU, Lenin, the revolution and the motherland.

Many of the songs in her repertoire had anti-government overtones, such as "Kings Can Do Everything," or "It's Time for Business." For all this the official Soviet press often called her a vulgar singer. However, the public dubbed Pugacheva's appearance on the Soviet stage as "the second Pugachev riot.

Today, the singer has withdrawn from active creative activities: in 2009 she announced the cessation of tours, and in 2010 she gave her last solo concert.

Hermost famous songs are "Iceberg", "Arlecchino", "Be or Not Be", "Call Me with You", "A Million Scarlet Roses", "Madam Broshkina", "I Like It", "Love Like a Dream", "You Are in the World".


The 1st marriage - 1969 - 1973 - with the Lithuanian circus artist Mikolas Orbakas. Has a daughter, Kristina Edmundovna Orbakaite, two grandchildren and one granddaughter.

The 2nd - 1977-1981 - with the film director Alexander Stefanovich.

3rd - 1985-1993 - marriage to concert director and producer Evgeny Boldin.

The 4th marriage - 1994-2005 - to singer Philip Kirkorov, who is 18 years younger than Pugacheva.

5th - 2011-present - marriage to comedian Maxim Galkin, who is 27 years younger than the diva.

- Daughter - Elizaveta Maksimovna Galkina (born September 18, 2013), born to a surrogate mother.

- Son - Harry Maksimovich Galkin (born September 18, 2013), born to a surrogate mother.

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