IDF launched airstrikes on Hezbollah's rocket launchers

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IDF also strikes Hezbollah's rocket launchers

The Israeli army carried out several air strikes against missile complexes of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah in response to rocket and anti-tank missile launches towards Israel. The targets included military installations and infrastructure used by Hezbollah for its operational and terrorist activities.

This is stated in the official Telegram channel of the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF fired at rocket launchers located along the border and aimed at Israel.

"Over the past few hours, in response to rocket launches and anti-tank missiles fired by Israel, IDF aircraft have struck Hezbollah terrorist targets," the IDF said in a statement.

IDF launched airstrikes on Hezbollah's rocket launchers

As a reminder, US President Joe Biden has commented on the wars in Ukraine and Israel. He noted that the United States will continue to support both countries facing aggression. In addition, the US President noted that "Putin and Hamas have a lot in common".

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the situation in the north of Israel is getting worse. The militants of the Hezbollah terrorist group continue to strike Israeli territory, wounding three residents of the city of Qiryat Shemona on October 19. In response, on the night of October 20, the Israeli army launched a series of attacks on Hezbollah infrastructure, including observation posts.

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