A farewell ceremony for a 23-year-old pilot Ivan Yarovy, who died near Bakhmut, was held in Kharkiv. Photo and video

Ivan Yarovyi was buried
Ivan Yarovyi was buried

A farewell ceremony was held in the Kharkiv region for Ivan Yarovyi, a 23-year-old pilot navigator, who was killed along with five Ukrainian servicemen in the crash of two helicopters in Donbas on August 29. They said goodbye to the Hero in the village of Luzhok and buried him on the Walk of Fame of the 18th cemetery in Kharkiv.

Yarovy planned to get married on September 29. This was reported by Suspilne (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Farewell ceremony for Ivan Yarovyi
The deceased pilot

The young aviator graduated from the Air Force University in 2021. He began fighting the Russian occupiers two months after graduation with the start of a full-scale invasion, defending the skies over Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and Donbas.

The funeral of the Ukrainian pilot
The funeral of the Mi-8 helicopter pilot

Yarovyi's older brother Dmytro, who also serves in the AFU, said that Ivan was an experienced helicopter pilot and had a lot of combat sorties.

"Unfortunately, they take the best. For me, he is a younger brother. It doesn't matter how old he was: 5, 10, 20. He is my little one. Unfortunately, now he's forever 23," Dmytro said.

Dmytro Yarovyi, brother of the pilot
Servicemen at the funeral of a defender of the country
Farewell ceremony

A twin of the warrior Denys said that it was with him that Yarovyi first flew on a mission.

"A very handsome guy, brave and intelligent. It was an honor to serve with him. He was a specialist, very brave. This is a heavy loss for both the 18th Brigade and Ukraine," the serviceman said.

Farewell ceremony for Ivan Yarovyi
An orchestra at a funeral
The Ukrainian was only 23 years old
Farewell ceremony for the warrior

The farewell ceremony for the crews of the two Ukrainian helicopters that crashed on August 29 near the village of Novoiavlenka, Kramatorsk district, Donetsk region, was held in the village of Horbanivka, Poltava on September 1.

The Ukrainian was buried on the Walk of Fame
Deceased defender of the Ukrainian sky Ivan Yarovyi

Ivan Yarovyi, Yurii Anisimov, Valentyn Vorobets, Yevhen Kysil, Viktor Opanasiuk and Vladyslav Rymar were killed in the crash.

Novoiavlenka on the map.


- The air crash occurred while performing a combat mission. Preliminary, two Mi-8 helicopters had to go down to avoid a probable defeat. The investigation of the tragedy is ongoing.

- The State Bureau of Investigation is also investigating the technical condition of the helicopters, considering the versions of shelling and sabotage.

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