"Their children and grandchildren will pay": Zinchenko diagnosed Russian footballers who support the war

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Zinchenko criticized Russian footballers

The leader of London's Arsenal Oleksandr Zinchenko accused Russian footballers of silently supporting the war in Ukraine. The footballer of the national team noted that the children and grandchildren of athletes from the aggressor country will pay for the crimes of Putin's regime and its fans.

Zinchenko expressed this opinion in an interview with the British edition of the Daily Mail. He added that it is not so much about financial losses, but about the reputation of the Russians in the world. Oleksandr, who played for a year for Ufa, also stressed that he had no friends left in Russia.



"One thing they don't understand is that the next generation, their children, their grandchildren, they will pay. How? It's not just money. They will pay with their reputation. All over the world, if you show your Russian passport, everyone will look at you differently. They don't understand that. Instead of stopping it now, Russian players keep believing it. I have some experience playing in Russia before Manchester City. I had a circle of friends there, a very small one, but it was there nonetheless. Now that circle is multiplied by zero," Zinchenko said.


Earlier it became known that Oleksandr Zinchenko and Andriy Shevchenko will organize a charity match Game4Ukraine in London in support of Ukrainians with the participation of world soccer stars.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the referees of the friendly match between the national teams of Germany and Ukraine took an unexpected step for the sake of supporting our country.

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