Why you shouldn't carry money in your pocket: explanation of the superstition

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Money doesn't like disrespect and negative energy

Due to the power outage in Ukraine, cash has become relevant again, and even people who are used to always paying with a card have started carrying it with them. However, some people had to put it in their pockets instead of their wallets due to a rush or other reasons. Meanwhile, folk signs strongly advise against doing so. But why shouldn't you put money in your pocket?

OBOZREVATEL looked into the essence of superstition. It's all about disrespect for money, which has no place anywhere.

According to the belief, carelessly stuffing bills in your pocket can lead to financial problems, up to and including bankruptcy.

Also, money does not like to lie near the front door of the house. A lot of energy passes through this place, including negative energy, which is bad for family finances. There is also no place for bills in the bedroom.

The best thing to do is to put the money in your wallet. And the bills should be laid out evenly in the paper money compartment, and the coins should be in a special pocket. This way they will be in order. Other good places for money are a safe or a specially designated box. It is best to place them in an office or work area of the home.

The ideal option would be not to keep cash at home at all, but to make it work - put it in a bank at interest or invest it. In this case, they will work, the strong energy of money will be in motion, and you will make a profit and increase your wealth.

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