Why you should go to bed at the same time and what is social jetlag

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When to go to bed

Social jetlag is the difference in the body's internal clock when changing sleep patterns between weekdays and weekends. Scientists from King's College London have found that differences can lead to health problems.

Jetlag causes problems with the cardiovascular system, leading to weight gain, the risk of diabetes, and diseases of the intestines and digestive tract. To know why you should go to bed at the same time, read the OBOZREVATEL article.

What is social jetlag?

Scientists have proven that even a long weekend nap does not compensate for the overall lack of sleep. Biological rhythms are affected by the slightest inconsistencies in the regimen, including waking up too early.

Serious sleep disturbances (for example, during shift work) have a significant impact on the body. Scientists and doctors note that a new study has shown the relationship between biorhythms and the gastrointestinal tract. Just a 90-minute difference in the time of the midpoint of sleep leads to changes in the composition of the intestinal flora.

To reduce the risk of disease, you need to follow a sleep schedule and a healthy diet.

Kate Bermingham, author of the study and senior nutrition scientist at ZOE, a healthcare company, emphasized that social jetlag can cause the development of a pathogenic microbiota.

People suffering from social jetlag eat less fiber compared to those who have a stable sleep pattern and eat more foods with high sugar levels. This condition is associated with weight gain, fatigue, and illness.

The study found that the gut of people prone to jetlag has three of the six types of flora associated with obesity and a high risk of stroke. Researchers continue to study the relationship between sleep disorders, diet, and gut bacteria.

Nutrition recommendations:

1. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

2. Eat foods high in fiber.

3. Choose dairy and fermented milk products that are low in sugar and fat.

4. You should regularly eat:

  • beans
  • legumes
  • fish
  • eggs
  • meat and other protein products

5. Drink plenty of fluids.

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