Who will be lucky and who will have to deal with problems: Chinese horoscope for the week

The energy of the Universe now encourages development

This week's I Ching energy is represented by hexagram #42, "Multiplication," which turns into #62, "Redevelopment of the Small." This means that the week carries the essence of fateful choices and intuitive decision-making. In addition, this energy encourages us to remember that no matter how successful we become, there is always room for growth and new learning.

Experts in Eastern astrology explained what this means for representatives of all signs of the Chinese zodiac. This time, no one path is right or wrong. It all depends on your motivation and principles. Read on to find out what you can rely on in the coming days.


This week will be a mixed bag. Its beginning will be pleasant and eventful. You will have a great time with a creature you love - it can be not only a person but also an animal. But in the middle of the week, stress will begin. Stay strong through the challenges and you'll enjoy a great weekend when the energy shifts.


You'll have to take responsibility for your inner world. If you've been thinking about seeing a therapist for a while, now is the time. You need to understand the hidden emotional currents that affect you. Otherwise, you risk getting bogged down in a toxic routine.


Pay attention to how your environment affects your finances. Perhaps you have long wanted to save a substantial amount of money to fulfill a long-held dream. So try not to waste money now, especially on impressing someone. Take care of yourself.


A week full of rest and relaxation awaits you. So feel free to take care of yourself and everything that brings you joy. You can also share this energy with your loved ones by inviting them to a brunch, buffet, or some other pleasant meeting.


Open your heart as wide as possible and let something really powerful into your life. Be ready to receive and you will soon see changes. If you're hopelessly in love with someone, you may feel that you're being reciprocated this week.


Get ready for a test of your patience. You have enough strength to pass this test with honor. But try to keep your mood under control. You will benefit from a certain slowdown in your career, relationships, and even sports.


If you're eager to start something new or embark on a new adventure, this week's energy is perfect for it. Allow yourself to go down an uncharted path, leaving fear behind, and you will see your life filled with happiness.


It's time to relax and indulge in pleasure. You'll benefit more from focusing on relationship goals or spending time with your loved ones than if you try to focus on productivity. Let the universe bless you with this pause.


Now is the time to make an important decision about your future and pave the way for yourself in at least one aspect of your life. Don't wait for the New Year, move forward right now. The energy is very favorable for you now. If you start without delay, you will get ahead very quickly.


Many opportunities are opening up for you, especially when it comes to entertainment and fun, relaxed communication. Don't let workaholism keep you from these adventures. Even if you can't find company, go out and have fun alone - the right people will find you.


Your intuition will be extremely strong this week. Don't dismiss ideas that come to you out of the blue. There's a good chance you'll make a lot of money if you follow the path the universe is pushing you down. Especially when it comes to completely new opportunities in your career.


Karma is on your side, especially if you've been working on it for years. The universe will bless you like never before and may even rid you of the negativity that has been ruining your life. The gratitude ritual will definitely help you to immerse yourself in this energy and maintain the flow of positive energy.

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