What's wrong with the alien bodies shown in Mexico: the world has already seen 5 alien mummies in 2018, and here's what came out of it

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The fake mummy had three fingers on all limbs

A ufology enthusiast Jaime Maussan showed members of the public and authorities what he claims are potentially two alien mummies this week in Mexico. Because of people's love for various mysterious stories, these hearings, of course, caused a lot of debates. But this is not the first such story. As a rule, they end with a loud debunking of the fraud.

One such case, which occurred in 2017-2018, was reported by Live Science. Then the public was shown five mummy-like bodies with three-fingered hands found in Peru. A thorough examination of these remains showed that they were created through a combination of black archeology and manipulation of parts of real human mummies.

What exactly did ufologists show

As explained by Andrew Nelson, a professor of anthropology at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, one of these mummies looked like a typical Nazca culture. Its representatives mummified their dead and chose a sitting posture for this purpose. They also created huge lines on the ground, which were called geoglyphs of the Nazca Valley. Conspiracy theorists often like to speculate that these lines may be the result of the work of extraterrestrial civilizations, not ancient people.

Prof. Nelson did not participate in the study of the presented remains, but he was looked through the work on this topic and suggested that the arms and legs on the mummy he described could be parts of the remains of different people. Some traces may indicate that these remains were manipulated by falsifiers. They were covered with white cloth later to hide the traces of their work.

Some other researchers also believe that real parts of human mummies were used to create these fakes. In particular, a group of Peruvian researchers who study such remains condemned the practice in a statement and said it violates numerous national and international norms. Some called it an abuse of the dead.

How could these "mummies" have appeared?

The mummies that became the basis for these fakes were probably found in 2015 by tomb raiders working in the Nazca region, where the ancient Nazca culture flourished. According to the president of the Inkarri-Cusco Institute, Thierry Jamin, they could have been dug up by black archaeologists, the Huaceros, from the city of Palpa. The researcher named their head Mario.

The scientist said that Mario is well known to the local police. He has been looting archaeological sites on the Peruvian coast for over 20 years, but no one stops him. When Jamin addressed the Peruvian Ministry of Culture with a description of this problem, he received no response. The ministry also did not respond to Live Science journalists.

The Russian trail

One of the key figures among those who tried to pass off the mummies as alien was a man named Konstantin Korotkov. He spoke to journalists in Russian and introduced himself as an employee of St. Petersburg University, but this information could not be confirmed.

In his interviews, Korotkov claimed that these mummies, like humans, have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but they have a different anatomy. The pseudo-scientist then claimed that these findings could be "aliens or biorobots." He also claimed that one of the mummies, according to radiocarbon analysis, is approximately 1700 years old. That is, the creature to which it belonged could be the same age as the Nazca culture.

Theft of burials in Peru

Although the three-fingered mummies turned out to be obvious fakes, numerous mummified remains are found in Peru. In particular, 171 mummies aged about 1200 years were found near the Tenahaha ceremonial complex.

The problem is that not only scientists but also black archaeologists are searching for the remains. They are trying to get ahead of the researchers and loot ancient tombs to make money on the illegal sale of artifacts. This, among other things, slows down the development of science.

However, Peruvian authorities are trying to tighten control over black archaeologists. In particular, they have established stricter legal requirements for environmental and heritage impact studies, created by a Ministry of Culture, and began to check the professional level of archaeologists they hire more strictly. However, groups such as the Huaceros and Mario are still operating in the Nazca Valley. It is not known for certain to whom and for what purpose they may sell the remains of mummies. However, the mummy that was found in 2017 and tried to be passed off as an alien turned out to be the remains of a human child.

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