What to plant in the garden under trees: ten ideal options for shade

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Even a very shady garden can be filled with flowers if you choose the right plants

Gardeners who have a small plot often have to choose between planting trees or flowers. After all, the shade from trees often hinders the lush flowering or growth of squat greenery, and you can't have it all at once.

However, experienced gardeners say that everything is possible if you know which crops thrive in the shade. OBOZ.UA asked them for their advice on this matter.


This unpretentious plant has many varieties with different colors of leaves and flowers. At home, in North America, it is found even in extreme conditions. Therefore, it is not afraid of simple shade.


Different types of ferns grow naturally in shady forests and marshes. They prefer shade to sunlight and can grow even in very dark lowlands.


The first buds of this flower open before all the winter snow has melted. Flowering can be observed until mid-summer. The evergreen leaves of the plant do not need much sunlight.

Lily of the Valley

These delicate spring flowers with decorative wide leaves are best grown in containers as they thrive in the deepest shade and spread quickly, taking over all available space. When grown under control, lily of the valley is extremely decorative.


A huge number of this plant species allows you to create incredibly beautiful compositions. In addition to decorative foliage, the hosta also boasts beautiful flowers. It grows in any shade and does not require much care.


What the carnation can boast of is the huge variety of colors it blooms in. At the same time, the plant attracts many pollinating insects and is not afraid of shade at all.

Burning bush

This shade-loving perennial grows on low, curved stems, and its pale green leaves have a white border. In spring, the plant produces white bell-shaped flowers that look like lilies of the valley. The bush is resistant to diseases and pests.


Low-growing species of rutabaga grow even in northern Europe, so the lack of sun will not scare them away. The plant produces inflorescences on tall stems and blooms for several weeks. Shade does not hinder its growth.


A short plant of the Lupulaceae family that thrives in a very wide range of conditions.. Like lily of the valley, it is quite invasive. Therefore, the spread of the flower should be monitored.


A tall and lush herb that blooms with rather nondescript flowers. Hakonechloa feels good in the shade but does not like cold, so it wakes up late. In the fall, its leaves turn an unusually beautiful pink color.

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