What things should never be thrown away: you can bring bad luck

Live plants also create energy at home

Decluttering is called the way to open up energy flows and attract good luck and prosperity to the home. But in reality, not all items can be thrown out of the house.

According to esotericists, if you get rid of some things in this way, you can expect failures and misfortunes. OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of such items.


Money, no matter whether it is coins or bills, is a direct symbol of prosperity and wealth. Therefore, they should not be thrown away even if they have lost value or are badly damaged. This can lead to significant financial losses. Some of this money is exchanged at the bank for new money, and some can be reused. For example, for decorating or making jewelry.

Live plants

Plant pots are just as much a part of the home as people are. They also participate in energy exchange and are integrated into it as full participants. Therefore, it is better to give or sell living flowerpots to someone. But never throw them away.


A mirror is always a guide to the other world. If you get rid of it incorrectly, the connection with it will be broken in an inappropriate way and some energies or entities can stay in your home and start harming you. Therefore, if you want to replace an old mirror, dispose of it properly.


Any jewelry, even if it is inexpensive costume jewelry, is saturated with the energy of its owner. Once in the trash, they can fall into the wrong hands or simply encounter unfavorable energies. Therefore, it is better to give jewelry away or recycle it into something new.


Gifts carry the energy of the giver and their good wishes. By throwing them away, you deprive yourself of such a blessing. Therefore, it is better to give away or sell the presented things and souvenirs.

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