What perennial shrubs to choose for the garden: guests will be delighted

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What perennial shrubs to choose for the garden: guests will be delighted

Perennial shrubs are a great way to add beauty and variety to your garden. They delight the eye with their flowering for many years and can make your garden truly unique.

But it's important to choose the right perennial shrubs that will create a coherent composition and look good next to other plants. How to create an exceptional and harmonious garden design, told NV.

There is a way of arranging a garden that can allow you to enjoy the blooming of flowers from early spring to late fall. It is called a mixborder. This method combines different types of plants, including perennials, annuals, shrubs, etc. They should be planted in such a way that, thanks to multi-row and multi-tier plantings, a continuous flowering sequence is created during each month of the growing season.

A mixborder is a great way to make your site unique and cozy. With the right approach, it can become a real gem of your garden.

When creating a mixborder, try to choose components of different colors, shapes, and textures - this will make it diverse and interesting. Also, when planting and caring for it, don't forget to take into account the characteristics and needs of each plant.

Imagine what you would like your garden to look like. This will help you decide which perennial shrubs to choose to admire for years to come.

What perennial shrubs do experts recommend?


This shrub is unpretentious and disease resistant. It blooms in spring, and its flowers are yellow or orange in color. Barberry also has beautiful leaves that turn purple in the fall.

What perennial shrubs to choose for the garden: guests will be delighted

Woodland sage

This sun-loving perennial with straight, drooping stems and spike-shaped dark blue inflorescences will decorate any garden.

Showy stonecrop

During the flowering period, which lasts from mid-August to November, this perennial unpretentious succulent forms beautiful lush inflorescences of various shades of pink and red on each stem.

These perennials will complement any exterior and look harmoniously next to any other flowers, trees or shrubs.

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