What not to do during pregnancy: folk beliefs and truth

Doctors and psychologists have explained which superstitions have a basis and which are mere myths

Even though doctors constantly emphasize that pregnancy is a normal state of the body, people still consider this period in a woman's life to be something special. That's why 9 months of waiting are surrounded by so many superstitions. It is believed that any wrong action can harm the pregnancy and have a bad impact on the fate of the unborn child.

OBOZREVATEL has investigated what signs prohibit pregnant women. And what do obstetricians, gynecologists, and psychologists have to say about it.

What are the popular prohibitions for pregnant women

The list of restrictions is very long. Here are the main ones.

  • You can't sew or knit during pregnancy. This can cause the baby to get tangled in the umbilical cord and be born sick.
  • You should not buy things for the baby before it is born. This can bring bad luck to the baby.
  • You also need to keep the pregnancy a secret until the end. The goal is to protect the woman and her child from the evil eye.
  • People also have a taboo against disclosing the date of delivery in advance. It is believed that this will deprive the child of happiness.
  • Hair should not be cut during pregnancy. It is believed to shorten the fate of the unborn daughter or son.
  • A pregnant woman should not sit on the doorstep. In this way, someone else's soul can enter the child.
  • The expectant mother is forbidden to step over a log. Such a step can lead to difficult labor.
  • If you go to visit a pregnant woman, take bread with you. This gift is believed to ensure a happy and prosperous life for the child.

Why you can't tell about pregnancy in advance

Since the chance of losing a pregnancy is naturally quite high, people did everything they could to protect the expectant mother from any adversity. Which, of course, were explained not by natural causes but by someone's evil eye. Therefore, everything related to pregnancy and the expected child was hidden for as long as possible. As if to prevent someone from being jealous and cursing.

In fact, psychologists say that positive emotions from preparing for the arrival of a new person in the family can only be beneficial. Therefore, you can share the news whenever you feel like sharing your joy and go baby shopping even every day.

Is it really impossible for a pregnant woman to cut her hair?

In fact, hair care does not affect the fetus in any way. Even coloring can be completely safe if you choose a high-quality modern dye. So, again, if a woman enjoys taking care of her appearance, there is no reason to give it up.

Is it really true that a woman in labor shouldn't take a bath?

This prejudice does have serious grounds. Large upward temperature changes can harm the fetus. Hot water can accelerate blood flow, particularly in the pelvis, and there is a risk of abortion. Therefore, during pregnancy, you can take a bath only at a moderate temperature - about 37-38 degrees. It is even better to give preference to a shower.

Is it really impossible for pregnant women to play sports?

Not only can you, but you should. The activity should be moderate and not cause discomfort, not to mention pain. Hiking, yoga, or fitness for pregnant women will benefit both the expectant mother and her child. And it will even help to purposefully strengthen the muscles involved in the labor process.

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