What not to do at the cemetery and immediately after visiting it: strict prohibitions

In all cultures, the cemetery is considered a very special place

At all times and in all cultures, people have had a special relationship with cemeteries. The resting place of ancestors was also considered a place where their souls stay or come on special days. And one should communicate with them accordingly, so as not to disturb them and incur their wrath.

Whether or not to believe in cemetery-related omens is up to everyone to decide for themselves. But it is necessary to take into account the special attitude to this place in order to behave in accordance with generally accepted rules. OBOZ.UA tells you more about them.

Avoid unnecessary contact

Graves and tombstones are special ritual structures that people closely associate with the souls of their ancestors. Therefore, there is a clear taboo on contact with these objects. You should not touch them with your hands, let alone lean on them or sit on them. This prohibition is especially strict in relation to other people's graves. The gravestones of one's own ancestors should be cleaned and tidied from time to time. At this point, the taboo on touching is lifted.

Enter the cemetery properly

It is believed that only a funeral procession can enter through the main gate. Therefore, to get to the cemetery, you need to use the side entrances. You should keep your arms open, even hang your bag on your shoulder. The souls need to see that you have come with pure intentions.

Do not pick up anything

It is believed that everything in the cemetery belongs to the dead. That is why you should not take flowers, sweets, or other items from the graves. Similarly, one should not pick up anything that has fallen. People are convinced that the fall of a thing means that some soul has wished for it. Therefore, it should remain on the ground. If you pick up something at the cemetery and take it with you, you can anger the dead and they will bring trouble on you.

Do not brag about your successes

For roughly the same reasons, it is not advisable to brag about your success at the cemetery. It is believed that you can leave your good luck at the graves. However, you should not complain too much about life. It is believed that the dead can take pity on you and take you to them.

Walk only on foot

According to popular belief, driving noisy vehicles around the cemetery can disturb souls. Therefore, no cars or motorcycles. However, bicycles, rollerblades, etc. are also undesirable. If you want to show respect for the dead, you should only move between graves on foot. The only exceptions are for people in wheelchairs and small children.

Don't go to the cemetery at night and don't look back at the graves

Night is considered the time of the dead. Therefore, it is not allowed to visit the cemetery at night. People believe that at night you can meet an unfriendly spirit or even evil spirits. Then you can get into trouble. For the same reason, you shouldn't turn around when you leave the cemetery - you might run into a soul following you.

Pregnant women should not go to church

Women who are pregnant are not advised to go to the cemetery at all. The rational explanation is that such a visit can upset a pregnant woman, and it is harmful for her to be nervous once again. And the signs say that this prohibition is connected with the fact that the dead can steal the soul of an unborn child and settle in its place. That's why women are advised to go to church to commemorate the dead when they are pregnant.

Do not visit people after the funeral

The funeral rite is of particular importance. After it, you can only attend the wake and then go home. If you go to visit someone, you can bring death with you.

Do not hurt animals

Any living creatures you meet in a cemetery are considered to be the embodiment of the souls of the dead. Therefore, cats, dogs, crows, and even ants should not be offended.

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