What dishes should not be put in the microwave: they can even break

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Certain types of cookware are not suitable for microwaving, and not all foods can be heated in the oven.

Microwave owners can't even imagine how they used to live without them. And they advise everyone to buy this wonderful device.

However, along with the microwave, you will also have to take care of the crockery that is compatible with it. After all, using the wrong bowls, plates, and dishes can even damage the device. OBOZREVATEL tells you what kind of crockery you shouldn't use with the oven. And also what foods are best not to be heated in it.

What dishes are not suitable for the microwave

The main taboo for use in the microwave is metal. This material does not transmit the waves that the device uses to heat food, and it can also start to spark and even damage the oven.

You should also avoid using almost any glass and crystal. Due to the rapid heating by microwaves, they can shatter. However, if the glassware is properly labelled, it is safe to use.

If plastic cookware contains melanin, it will release toxic substances when heated. Therefore, such containers are also not suitable. In general, it is better to take plastic only that which is labelled as microwaveable.

Ceramics and porcelain can crack in the microwave due to heat. Also, such products may have a coating or decor with metal elements.

And wooden utensils will simply break down quickly from such use.

What foods should not be heated in the microwave

Boiled eggs - they contain a lot of water, so microwaves create a greenhouse effect under the shell, which can cause a heated egg to explode if you try to peel it.

Chilli - microwaving the product will release its burning component capsaicin more strongly, which can make food with chilli taste much hotter.

Deeply processed meat - sausages, sausage, ham, etc. - produce more cholesterol oxidation products when cooked in an oven than when cooked in a frying pan or grill. This is more harmful than pure cholesterol.

Broccoli - microwaves destroy up to 97% of the flavonoids responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of this cabbage. But this is only true if you cook broccoli for more than one minute.

Frozen meat, especially chicken - defrosting meat in this way can lead to the rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria, including salmonella. When defrosting at room temperature, they simply don't have time to start growing, while prolonged cooking kills them completely.

Leafy green vegetables - these foods are rich in iron and other healthy metals, but in the microwave, they can start sparking because of this.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told why you shouldn't break eggs on the edge of the dishes.

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