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Hairstyle should be taken seriously

Leading stylists claim that certain haircuts can emphasize the bone structure of the face shape and make it more beautiful. Therefore, there are hairstyles that the fair sex should avoid if they want to look irresistible. Experts have listed the face shapes and haircuts that are suitable for them.

According to Glamour, international creative director of Color Wow, Dom Seeley, believes that hair of any length suits any face shape to some extent. Therefore, he recommends thinking about the haircut, layering and styling of the hairstyle that will suit you best.

Heart-shaped face

"A heart-shaped face is slightly wider around the forehead and already on the chin and jawline. Therefore, it is better to stick to long soft layers, such as a bob, to add volume around the jaw," advises Stevie Holland, senior stylist at SALON64.

Heart-shaped face shape.

Oval face shape

"All lengths look great on oval face shapes because they suit almost any style, from pixie and short haircuts to very long lengths. It is one of the easiest face shapes to wear short hair, long hair with curtain bangs, or a bob with or without bangs," said Frederic Fekkai, a renowned stylist and founder of the hair care company Fekkai, who agrees. In this case, a straight bob haircut is also recommended, with subtle movement and curls or waves.

Oval face.

Square face shape

A wide forehead and cheekbones, as well as a strong jawline, can be visually trimmed with a longer bob or long layered hair.

"The side part compensates for right angles. Side-swept bangs emphasize the cheekbones," says Fekkai.

Square face shape.

Elongated face shape

"If you have an elongated face shape, you can minimize the volume on the top of your head and focus on creating volume on the sides of your face. This will balance its length and create more structure. The bob is perfect for this face shape because it cuts right at the chin or jawline and stops any form of elongation," advises Seeley.

And TRESemmé UK Hair stylist Aaron Carlo recommends going for long hair with layers that frame the face.

"They soften long hair and create a shape to highlight and lift features like the eyes and cheekbones. I would add bangs that end around the cheekbones to create the illusion of width in the middle," Holland added.

Elongated face.

Round face shape

"A round face shape tends to be smaller and petite overall, so some haircuts can flood the face if you don't trim or style your hair to emphasize this shape. With this face shape, it's a good idea to cut your hair to create interest and angles in your hairstyle. This will lengthen it. For those with a round face shape, long layers, textured pixie cuts, and short side bangs are suitable to increase the height and make the face look longer," says Seeley.

But experts advise avoiding bold, lush bangs, as they can often make a round face look closed.

Round face.

Diamond-shaped face shape

It usually has a narrow forehead and a jawline with protruding cheekbones. This is the least common shape.

"Short hair is best for a diamond-shaped face. Hair to the shoulders or to the collarbone is ideal. In addition, even a pixie cut works well for this face shape. Because the diamond-shaped bone structure is quite angular," Holland said.

A face in the shape of a diamond.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the hairstyle of the legendary French actress, singer, and fashion model Brigitte Bardot - a cascade with wide bangs - has become a trend in 2022. This is evidenced by the video of the star's "lookalike" Shay Sullivan, which went viral thanks to the heroine's new haircut. The video has received 3.8 million views and more than half a million likes.

OBOZREVATEL also wrote that international hairdresser Anthony Cole named a fashionable and ideal haircut for the summer of 2022. The expert claims that this is a Botticelli bob with curls, which has already become a romantic beauty trend of this season. The idea of the hairstyle comes from the famous painting by the cult artist Botticelli "The Birth of Venus", in which the Roman goddess is depicted with a lush sheaf of fiery red wavy hair.

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