Spring will bring love to two zodiac signs: who will have an explosion of passion

Love horoscope

With the first spring warmth, love will burst into life. Representatives of the two zodiac signs will have a very busy period full of tenderness, passion, and crazy feelings.

Astrologers say that Leos and Pisces will be completely immersed in relationships and enjoy harmony in their personal lives. Singles will find sincere and mutual love, and family representatives of the signs will be able to take their relationships to a new level.


Spring will be a period of happiness and love. You will feel butterflies in your stomach again because of mad love. Lonely Leos will meet a soul mate in the spring - a person with whom they are destined to start a family.

May will be especially favorable for romantic dates. Astrologers predict that there are high chances of meeting love while traveling abroad. Although at first it may seem like a casual acquaintance, fate will decide otherwise.

You are able to make important and bold decisions quickly. Although you usually try to control certain situations, this time you should live in the moment and enjoy your feelings. A special May awaits you - full of joy and happiness.


By nature, you are sensitive, sincere, and have a high level of empathy. Your intuition may have been telling you for a long time that you will soon have many wonderful moments and a life-changing acquaintance. Probably, the meeting will take place in the spring, with a high probability in May.

Even a chance meeting can make all the difference. You just need to stop analyzing all possible scenarios and let go of the traumatic experience of past relationships. You shouldn't dwell on negative scenarios - after all, not all relationships have to end in disaster. Of course, you should be careful, but you shouldn't show your fear and uncertainty to the other person at every step.

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