Spathiphyllum can die in a flash: a mistake to avoid

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Spathiphyllum is very sensitive to the level of soil moisture in the pot

Spathiphyllum, or female happiness, is a surprisingly elegant houseplant that pleases the eye with its dark green leaves and large white flowers and does not require complicated care. But from time to time, it can drop its leaves and take on a haggard appearance.

What could be the problem here and how to help it? OBOZ.UA asked for the advice of experienced indoor gardening enthusiasts.

The good news is that this behavior of the plant does not mean that it is feeling bad – sick or damaged. It is enough to correct one small mistake in care and in a few hours the spathiphyllum will regain its healthy appearance.

And this mistake is missed watering. The fact is that women's happiness is very sensitive to the level of soil moisture. If the amount of water in the ground falls below a certain level that is comfortable for the plant, it drops its leaves. In this case, the spathiphyllum looks rather sad. But this only means that you need to water the flower urgently.

But keep in mind that these flowers don't like living in a swamp either. Therefore, overwatering is also not an option, because the roots of the spathiphyllum can rot. And then the plant will die.

How to properly monitor the moisture level in the plant pot? Just check the soil condition with your finger. If the top layer has become dry to a depth of 2-3 cm, it's time to water it. Do not spare it water, but make sure that the spathiphyllum pot has a drainage hole through which all excess liquid can flow out.

Experts say that the optimal watering regimen for spathiphyllum is 2-4 times a week, depending on light and temperature conditions. Water should be taken soft – settled or filtered – at room temperature.

And even though the lowered leaves are just a signal from the plant, try not to bring it to the point where it will be forced to give it to you. This way, the spathiphyllum will bloom better and more often.

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