No flowers: what mistakes make an orchid weak

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How to care for an orchid

An orchid is a graceful flower that will decorate a room. However, many people are wary of buying this plant, knowing about its whimsicality. Indeed, orchids instantly react to temperature fluctuations or changes in humidity.

The slightest drafts lead to the loss of flower stalks. OBOZ.UA analyzed what mistakes can make an orchid weaken.

First of all, you should take care of the substrate. In the natural environment, these flowers grow on trees, so ordinary soil will be exhausting for them. The main condition is that the substrate must be breathable. So don't skimp on this. Buy a special soil mixture. No flower will grow and develop properly if oxygen does not reach the root system in sufficient quantities. And this is especially important for orchids. In the wrong substrate, the plants will begin to wither in a matter of days.

No flowers: what mistakes make an orchid weak

Experienced gardeners advise not to compact the soil when planting and not to use heavy soil mixtures. For orchids, the lighter the soil, the better.

The second mistake is improper moisture. Beginner growers often worry that the plant will start to wilt, so they start intensive daily watering. This should never be done.

Excessive moisture leads to rotting of the root system. Orchids should be watered when the earthen substrate becomes dry.

A popular method of watering using ice cubes is gaining popularity on the Internet. At first glance, this life hack may seem a bit stressful for orchids, but the method is scientifically proven. Recently, scientists from the Ohio State University and the University of Georgia in the United States conducted a study: one half of the orchids were watered with water at room temperature, and the other half with ice cubes.

The experiment lasted from 4 to 6 months, and the results showed that watering orchids with ice cubes is as effective as traditional methods.

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