More than just a pleasant scent: why keep soap by your bedside

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Why keep soap by the bedside

Owners try to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom to relax. They use scented candles, incense sticks, and fresh flowers. But for a restful and quality sleep, you will also need soap.

House Digest has published an expert explanation of this. One of the most effective benefits of keeping soap by the bedside is to repel insects and pests.

Experienced gardeners know that soap helps to repel annoying insects from plants in the garden and vegetable garden. But you can also protect yourself from pests in your home.

This is a safe and easy way to fight mosquitoes and other insects. Strong-smelling soaps, such as coconut or eucalyptus, are off-putting to many pests.

If you often have "unwanted guests" in your apartment, be sure to keep a bar of soap in your nightstand. This will help to clean the room from pests and ensure a restful and safe sleep.

You can also use this method if you are constantly attacked by insects outside. Just put a bar of soap in your pocket.

According to doctors, lavender soap can help with a common neurological disorder - restless legs syndrome. The disease is characterized by an irresistible urge to move your legs, which often prevents you from relaxing and falling asleep.

Put a piece under the sheet and the scent of lavender or coconut will relax your body. According to studies, about 42% of patients with this disease have been helped by this method, although there is no scientific evidence for this.

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