In Belarus, "Wagnerites" started to issue new passports: Latushko explained the main danger

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Latushko explained the danger of issuing passports to ''Wagnerites'' in Belarus.

New passports were issued to the mercenaries of the Russian private company "Wagner" in Belarus. The documents are authentic, but they are issued in other names.

This trend poses a threat to European countries. This was pointed out by Belarusian opposition activist, head of the People's Anti-Crisis Board and deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus Pavel Latushko in an interview with RAR.

He emphasized that the information was confirmed. In his opinion, having received a new passport, assassins from Wagner's ranks will easily be able to enter the European Union through border crossings "to carry out sabotage and terrorist attacks".

When asked about the scale of the operation with the issuance of documents, Latushko said he could not say exactly how many passports we are talking about. At the same time, citing his own sources, he added that they had been issued for a month already.

He also noted that several thousand mercenaries of this Russian PMC still remain in Belarus after the death of the "Wagner" leadership (head Yevgeny Prigozhin and his deputy Dmitriy Utkin) in a plane crash and the news that the "Wagnerites" allegedly dismantle their camp on the territory of the Republic.

According to his assessment, Belarusian dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko would like them to stay in the country, but "he does not have enough financial resources to support a large group of fighters.

Latushko noted that some of the "Wagnerites" would probably go to Africa, others would sign contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry, and the rest would leave the service or stay in Belarus.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, earlier European countries - Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - said that in case of a "serious incident" they would suspend the operation of all checkpoints on their border with Belarus. This decision was taken against the backdrop of the fact that in recent months there has been a return of the risk of illegal migration through the Belarusian border.

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