How to save white sheets from yellowing: a simple lifehack

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White sheets are an ideal option for the bedroom. They are associated with warmth and coziness, not without reason in the most expensive hotels usually prefer snow-white bedroom sets.

But there is one disadvantage - impracticality. Not only that the white fabric shows the smallest stain, but it also starts to yellow over time. How to save the sheets from yellowing, told Express.

With regular washing, the fibers of colored fabrics begin to dull and fade, while white fabrics begin to yellow. Luckily, a simple lifehack can help save your sheets - even while washing them in cool water.

It's not just because of too many wash cycles or ineffective products that cause bedding to yellow. Sweat, skin grease, and epidermal residue absorbs into the fibers during sleep, leaving a yellow, dirty tint.

On the Mrs. Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page, users have advised a very simple and effective lifehack. From yellowness will help tablets for dishwashers. In this case, you should not choose a high temperature of washing, 30 degrees will be quite enough. This is a fairly inexpensive alternative to aggressive bleaches, but works much better. The effect is promised after the first wash. In addition, you will not need to spend time soaking the sheet before putting it in the washing machine.

The chemicals contained in dishwasher tablets will instantly remove stains and have a bleaching effect.

By the way, hard water can significantly deteriorate the quality of washing. Due to excess salts, detergents foam more than necessary, and the residue of this foam is then difficult to remove. To soften the water during washing, you can take white or distilled vinegar. More about how to properly wash things if you have hard water - read in the material.

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