How to restore the snowy white color of tulle: a Chinese method

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How to remove stains from tulle

The snow-white color of tulle tends to fade over time due to various factors, ranging from dust entering through open windows to grease and dirt in areas like the kitchen. Restoring the whiteness of tulle is not a simple task.

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Using aggressive chemicals, such as certain types of bleach, to wash tulle can quickly damage the fibers of this delicate fabric.

A recommended method is to fill a container with cold water and add a small amount of detergent. After placing the tulle in the water, wait for a maximum of an hour, then gently rinse the fabric and hang it up to dry.

However, the most effective way to whiten tulle involves using ordinary table salt. Mix salt and laundry detergent in equal proportions and pour warm water over the mixture. It is advisable not to exceed 100-120 grams of salt per 10 liters of water.

It is recommended to leave the tulle in the saline solution for several hours. Afterward, rinse the fabric under running water and let it dry.

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