How to remove stubborn stains from kitchen towels: three simple methods

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What to use to remove stains from kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are usually one of the dirtiest things in the house. Grease, dirt, and old stains seep into the fabric to such an extent that sometimes even expensive chemicals do not help.

However, several life hacks will help you whiten kitchen towels quickly and economically. OBOZREVATEL figured out whether the old method of boiling works and whether washing with vinegar will damage the fabric.

Life hack with boiling

Our mothers and grandmothers often boiled clothes and dirty things. However, you should be careful because boiling is only suitable for white or light towels. Colored fabrics will quickly fade.

So, if you decide to use this time-tested method, take a large saucepan and fill it about two-thirds full with water. Add laundry detergent, bleach, or any other stain remover. The proportions are as follows: two tablespoons of the product are enough for 1 liter of water.

Turn on the medium heat or medium heating mode of the electric stove. Put in the towels and wait for the water to boil. Boil over low heat. The time varies depending on the type of fabric and soiling. It can be from 15 minutes to two hours. Then rinse the towels in warm water.

Life hack with vinegar

This is a very simple life hack for those who do not want to wash dirty towels by hand. Add a little 9% vinegar to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. Half a cup will be enough.

Vinegar is great for removing stubborn stains and grease. Don't forget to add the powder, as vinegar has a specific odor. After washing with vinegar, the towels should be hung out to dry in the fresh air.

Life hack with bleach

Of course, this option is suitable for white fabrics. Choose an oxygen-containing bleach.

First, soak the towels in cold water before putting them in the washing machine. Add 175 ml of bleach. If you also use laundry detergent, add it first and then use the bleach.

The towels will be completely disinfected and will not have an unpleasant odor.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you which washing mode is the most economical.

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