How to perfectly clean the joints between tiles on the floor: forget about dirt for a long time

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Keeping your floor grout clean is important for home hygiene

There are few places where dirt accumulates as quickly and sticks as hard as in the joints between tiles on the floor. If you make them light, they will change color literally before your eyes. All this, of course, will not make the interior look neat. Therefore, you need not only to choose the right color of the fugue but also to clean the tiles on the floor regularly.

This will not only restore the tile's spectacular appearance but also prevent the development of unwanted bacteria and mold. OBOZ.UA tells you how to clean the joints effectively and safely.

Why it is important to clean tile joints

The joints between tiles are usually grouted with rather porous materials. They easily absorb dirt, dust, and grease. Harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, multiply well in such a mixture. Therefore, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, hygiene is also important here.

What you need to clean the joints

You can't clean stitches with aggressive chemicals and hard tools - the materials they are made of are too sensitive to this. Therefore, you will need the following set for cleaning:

  • an old toothbrush or a soft scrubbing brush;
  • Baking soda and vinegar or diluted bleach;
  • rubber gloves;
  • sponge and rags.

How to clean the floor tile joints

Start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Small particles of dirt should be removed from the joints to prevent them from being embedded deeper.

Mechanically clean the seams with baking soda. To do this, mix it with water to form a paste, apply it to the tile joints, and leave it for several minutes. After that, scrub the treated areas with a brush. If the stain persists, apply the baking soda again and sprinkle it with vinegar diluted with water 1:1. The mixture will immediately begin to foam and push the dirt out of the pores of the material. If this is not enough, then treat the seams with a solution of 1 part chlorine bleach in 20 parts water. This will also deeply disinfect them.

Thoroughly rinse off any residual detergent from the stitches. Then wipe them dry. The more water you collect, the better – bacteria and mold grow in a moist environment.

How to protect grout and tile

Regular cleaning may not be enough to keep your floor's tile joints clean. To protect them from dirt, some people apply silicone sealant on top. But it loses its appearance over time, so this is a rather controversial solution. Make a balanced decision.

Also, avoid harsh abrasive and concentrated acidic cleaners. They can damage not only the joints but also the tiles.

Make sure that the room where the tiles are lying on the floor is well-ventilated. This will help prevent the development of mold in the joints. In addition, this way you will remove the fumes of cleaning products after cleaning, which may not be very useful for people and pets.

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