How to make towels soft again: a simple grandmother's trick

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Life hacks for washing towels

Towels lose their softness over time and become less pleasant to the touch. Unfortunately, this is a common household annoyance that is easy to fix.

Simple and affordable ingredients will help restore softness and refresh the fabric. The Informacion publication told us about an effective household life hack.

Why towels lose their softness

After a hard day's work, full of stress and anxiety, you want to take a hot bath or freshen up in the shower and wrap yourself in a warm, soft towel. But the hard texture of your favorite towel will definitely not add comfort and may even ruin your mood.

The main cause of this problem is usually the accumulation of detergent and fabric softener residues on the fibers, which causes towels to lose their softness over time.

How to wash towels

An effective way to clean them is to use common ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen: white vinegar and baking soda. Both ingredients are known for their cleaning and disinfecting properties, but they are also great "allies" for restoring the softness of your towels.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1. It's better to prevent a problem than to deal with it, so try to wash your towels without fabric softeners and rinses and don't use too much laundry detergent. The first step is to remove any residue that has accumulated on the towels.

Step 2. Mix one cup of white vinegar with water in a container. Start the vinegar cycle: place the towels in the washing machine and add the white vinegar mixture to the detergent compartment or directly to the drum.

Step 3. Run a full wash cycle in hot water. The vinegar will act as a natural softener, removing detergent residue.

Step 4. After the vinegar cycle is complete, add ½ cup of baking soda to the washing machine drum.

Step 5. Run another full cycle in hot water. The baking soda will help eliminate odors and soften the fibers.

Do not overload the washing machine. Make sure there is enough space in the drum for the treatment to be effective.

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