How to make faded clothes snow-white again: basic tips

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The right approach to washing and well-chosen products will bring back the brightness of white things

White clothes lose their brightness even faster than any colored ones. Street dust, excessive detergent, washing in hard water, food and drink, sweat: all of these instantly leave marks on white fabric. And it seems that it is impossible to return things to whiteness. However, experience tells us that the situation is far from being as hopeless as it seems.

People often resort to using bleach to revive white clothes. However, as OBOZREVATEL has learned, there are other, more delicate methods. Here are the most effective ones.

Wash white clothes separately

The number one rule to remember and follow strictly is to always separate white clothes from colored ones when washing. This will prevent the colors from spreading and the white fabric from getting an off-color tint and dye stains.

Use the right detergent

Laundry detergents for whites are specially formulated to whiten or lighten clothes. They contain components that will maintain the color of the clothes and remove stains. At the same time, they are gentler than bleach and safer for fabrics.

Choose the right bleach

If detergent doesn't do the job, you can use bleach. But it's better to choose an oxygen-based product rather than a chlorine one. The simplest example is hydrogen peroxide, which is sometimes added to laundry detergent. There are also powder and liquid factory bleaches based on oxygen. When using them, strictly follow the instructions.

Add vinegar

White vinegar - not cider vinegar - is used to clean limescale. It can remove lime residues from fabrics as well, and lime is often responsible for the gray patches that spoil the look of white clothes. When rinsing, add about half a cup of vinegar to the rinse container of your washing machine. It will help restore the whiteness of the clothes and soften the fabrics. However, this is not a product for constant use, but rather when the need arises.

Avoid overloading the machine

Putting too much laundry in the drum can prevent proper mixing and rinsing. As a result, soap residues will begin to accumulate in the fibers. And this leads to the tarnishing of white clothes. Therefore, you should always leave a little space in the drum.

Wash in hot water

Hot water is generally more effective at removing stains and brightening white clothes. However, before doing so, make sure that the specific items can be washed at high temperatures. Delicate fabrics often cannot be treated in this way as it can damage them.

Choose the right wash cycle

For white clothes that have turned gray, it is better to use a longer wash cycle. This allows them to soak in the detergent solution for an additional 30 minutes. This will remove stains better and restore the brightness of the white color. If you are saving energy, you can soak in a basin. Pour warm water into the bowl, dissolve a little detergent and add two cups of baking soda to enhance the soaking effect.

Dry your clothes in the sun

The sun's rays can bleach and brighten objects. Therefore, hanging things to dry in the direct sun will be effective for white items. At the same time, ultraviolet light also has a disinfectant effect on fabrics. However, such drying can damage some things, so read the label beforehand.

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