How to get rid of the smell of fried food at home: an effective life hack

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How to neutralize the flavor of fried fish

Fried fish is a delicious and healthy dish. However, sometimes you have to deny yourself the pleasure of frying fresh cod, mackerel, or hake because of the intense aroma that remains after cooking.

The smell of fried fish permeates literally everything - from clothes to window curtains. OBOZ.UA tells you about effective life hacks that will help you get rid of the smell of fried fish at home.

How to get rid of the fish smell

If you have already tried to disinfect your home with all the flavors, air fresheners, scented candles, or even expensive perfumes, but to no avail, you should try making your own odor neutralizer. The ingredients you need are readily available: white vinegar and cinnamon.

It seems that vinegar can be used everywhere: from cooking to cleaning toilets - and it really is. It removes limescale, helps to deal with old grease, and acts as an odor neutralizer. The secret to its effectiveness lies in the acids that are released into the air and neutralize alkaline particles.

There is a downside - the most effective odor neutralizer also smells rather unpleasant. That's why cinnamon will come in handy.

How to make an odor neutralizer

Pour 5-6 tablespoons of vinegar into a container of water, add a few cinnamon sticks and put the pot to boil over low heat. The house will be filled with a pleasant, cozy cinnamon aroma.

Please note that water evaporates when boiling, so don't forget to add liquids to the pot. If you don't like the spicy aroma of cinnamon, you can replace the cinnamon sticks with essential oils with a citrus flavor.

OBOZ.UA also talked about several life hacks that will help you make your home smell nice without using chemicals.

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