How to get rid of pungent paint odor when renovating your home

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How to get rid of paint odor in the house

You've finally decided to renovate. You have stripped off the old wallpaper, renewed the walls and perhaps even laid new parquet. And when the hardest part seems to be over and you can finally enjoy your new interior, the perfect moment is spoiled by the smell of paint.

The pungent odor takes too long to evaporate and can cause health problems and headaches. Express shares. how to get rid of a pungent paint odor.

Paint odor can be dangerous because of the solvents used to dilute the paint material. When drying, acetone molecules and other toxic substances evaporate, providing a liquid state of suspension. It is better to choose a paint with a water emulsion composition, where ordinary water is used as a base.

Cheap paints may even contain poisonous substances. They enter the body through the respiratory tract, spread through the bloodstream and reach the brain, damaging the nervous system.

More expensive and higher-quality paints have a less noticeable odor. Manufacturers predict it will evaporate 36-48 hours after use.

Managing director of The Paint Shed Michael Rolland says the odor can sometimes linger in homes for weeks at a time. Good ventilation is the main prerequisite for weathering, but there are other ways to speed up the process.

"Make sure you open the windows in the room to allow natural ventilation. To speed up the process, fill two buckets with water and place them in different corners of the room. Soon, the water will absorb some of the paint vapor, reducing the odor," Rolland noted.

It's a very old trick, dating back to the 19th century.

You can also use baking soda. The easiest way is to put two containers half-filled with baking soda in a room and leave them for 24 hours.

Rolland advises pouring a little baking soda over the carpet. A few hours will be enough time for the abrasive particles to "absorb" the paint odor.

An alternative "no-waste" method involves the use of coffee grounds to replace the chemical smell with a more pleasant aroma. The principle of action is similar: pour coffee grounds into saucers and put them around the room overnight.

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