How to fit things in a small apartment

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How to fit things in a small apartment

Many things in a small apartment create an uncomfortable atmosphere that seems to "put pressure" on the owners. This does not mean that you need to limit yourself to shopping and constantly clear your space of old items, the main thing is to organize your life properly.

OBOZ.UA has collected effective tips that will help you cope with this. You can not only compactly store the necessary things but also update your interior with modern items.


Most people can't imagine their lives without a huge wardrobe, believing that they can fit all their belongings in it. But if you have a small apartment and there's not enough space, you should give it up.

Replace the wardrobe with a tall screen or curtain, behind which you can place an open rack with shelves, organizers, hangers, or other interesting storage containers.

Hang the hooks in a vertical line and utilize the entire space up to the ceiling. You can also attach them to furniture and doors. You can hang towels, scarves, hats, sweaters, or bags.


If you already have a closet and don't want to give it up, install additional shelves or add organizers. You can also place baskets with lids on the cabinets to keep dust out and things organized.

Internal shelves

This applies to tables, sofas, and beds that have internal storage compartments. You can store blankets or pillows there. You can store all sorts of little things in small drawers of the table that will also help you to unload the space in your apartment.


You can install additional open shelves on the wall to store towels or body care products. You can also buy special baskets and put them on the washing machine, for example.


If there are not enough shelves in the kitchen and you have no place to place large pots and pans, then screw hooks to the wall and hang the necessary dishes. You can do the same with cutlery, cutting boards, or potholders. This will only add style to your kitchen.


Such a modern thing in your apartment will definitely not hurt. The shelf will not only decorate the room but also provide an opportunity to store various items.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published an interesting life hack for packing things, which will greatly simplify your move.

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