Find the cookie in the picture to test your IQ and attention

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An IQ test to find the cookie

There's a new viral puzzle on the Internet that challenges your IQ and attention. Many people mistakenly perceive such tasks as children's games, but in fact, they are useful for adults as well.

To test your abilities, take a close look at the picture shared by Jagran Josh and try to find the hidden cookie in the image as quickly as possible.

Puzzles with hidden objects are a good workout for your mind, which hones your observation skills and improves your cognitive abilities.

Take a look at the illustration and try to find the cookie hidden among the pile of other objects in just 11 seconds.

Find the cookie in the picture to test your IQ and attention

The puzzle is designed to trick your perception. Some of the details are so well disguised that you can look at them for quite a while without noticing.

Only people with great vision and high IQ can cope with this task. If you're one of them, you probably know how to process information very quickly, see patterns among the chaos, and make decisions in seconds.

Such tasks will be useful for people of all ages because they force you to concentrate and scan every corner of an image filled with many details, including cleverly hidden objects. This is a great workout for your brain, which will not only improve your cognitive skills but also delay dementia.

If you're still looking for the hidden cookie in the image, check out the correct answer below.

Find the cookie in the picture to test your IQ and attention

If you couldn't find the cookie the first time, don't be upset. It only means that you need to spend a little more time on such puzzles.

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