Bordeaux mixture for the protection of vegetables and trees: how to prepare and use a miracle remedy

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Bordeaux liquid requires care when making and using it

One of the main problems of gardeners and horticulturists is fungal infestations of plants. It can be difficult to fight them. But there is a remedy that has proven itself very well over many years of use. And it has been in use for more than 100 years. The mixture based on copper sulfate was invented in French Bordeaux, so it was called Bordeaux.

OBOZREVATEL tells how to properly prepare the Bordeaux mixture. And also how to use it.

From what the remedy helps

Bordeaux mixture helps to fight such diseases as fruit rot, apple and pear parsha, anthracnose, phytophthora in tomatoes and cucumbers, grape melting, stone blotch. But it is important to take into account that it does not work with mealybug diseases.

How to prepare a Bordeaux mixture

To make a liquid for plant treatment you need to take copper sulfate and lime milk. They will be the basis of the remedy.

To prepare 10 liters of Bordeaux liquid with a concentration of 1%, it is necessary to take two vessels - glass, ceramic or wooden - in which to pour 5 liters of water. In one vessel it will be necessary to dissolve 100 grams of copper sulfate, and in the other 100 grams of freshly quicklime. Prepare these solutions in metal or galvanized vessels can not - it will lead to precipitation.

After that, the copper sulfate solution should be slowly poured into the lime milk, slowly stirring the liquid with a stick. The opposite should not be done - because of this substance will form large particles of precipitate, and the suspension will be unstable. Such a liquid will be unsuitable for use. It is also important to remember that the working solution can not be diluted with water, it must be used in the form in which it was made. And the substances can be mixed only after they have cooled down.

How to make sure that a quality liquid is obtained?

A Bordeaux mixture that has been produced without technology violations has a sky-blue color and is slippery to the touch. If it contains an excess of copper sulfate, the mixture will have a green color. In this case, it will cause burns on leaves and fruits.

Another way to test the solution is to immerse a nail in it. If the surface of the metal does not appear on the plaque, then the remedy is done correctly. The appearance of grits on the metal will indicate that the liquid contains an excess of copper sulfate and it is necessary to add more lime milk.

Bordeaux liquid can be stored for no more than 24 hours. If it stays longer, it will lose its useful properties. Before use, the mixture should be shaken properly so that the precipitate formed in it is back in the water.

When to treat plants with Bordeaux mixture

The best results can be achieved by spraying before or at the beginning of the budding process. It is important to spray before flowering begins. Also, do not treat at high humidity and air temperature, as this will cause burns on the leaves.

How to spray plants with Bordeaux mixture

For adult plants it is best to use a liquid with a concentration of 1%. But tomatoes, cucumbers and any young leaves should be treated with a mixture half as concentrated - only 0.5%.

If trees are severely affected by parsha, they can be arranged "blue" spraying - treat them with a 3% solution. Such a procedure is better to carry out in the evening.

To apply Bordeaux liquid, you should use a hand sprayer. Usually for spraying an average tree or 100 m2 of potatoes or tomatoes requires 10 liters of liquid.

If the first signs of fungal disease appear on the leaves of plants, it should be treated with the remedy, and after two weeks repeat the procedure. Spraying can not be done later than 15-20 days before harvest.

When working with Bordeaux liquid, remember that it is harmful, although not poisonous to humans and animals, so avoid its contact with eyes, respiratory tract or skin - use protective goggles, respirator and gloves. Fruits treated with Bordeaux liquid should be washed well with water before consumption, and treated plants should not be given to livestock as fodder.

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