What you shouldn't wear with jeans to avoid looking ridiculous: 6 mistakes that will ruin everything. Photo.

Low-rise jeans are relevant in 2023

Nowadays, no wardrobe can be imagined without jeans. This garment has become a universal classic. However, not all combinations with denim are considered successful. If you combine denim trousers with an irrelevant top or accessories, your entire outfit will be a failure.

OBOZREVATEL will show you examples of what not to wear with jeans. You should remember six rules (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

1. Jeans + silk blouse

This combination has long been irrelevant. A silk blouse will add a few years to your life and tell others that you have not been following fashion for a long time. Replace it with an oversized shirt or T-shirt in the current colour.


2. Jeans + narrow boots

This combination was very popular in the 2000s. Despite the fact that fashion is cyclical and now we are back to low-rise and sequins, experts do not recommend wearing denim trousers with high boots.


3. Jeans + denim shirt + denim accessories

It is a huge mistake to wear everything made of denim at once. It is also worth remembering that jeans and a jacket made of the same fabric should be the same colour. There is no need to combine black jeans with light jeans in one outfit!


4. Skinny jeans + top

The rule of "voluminous bottom, narrow top" and vice versa is still relevant. After all, when you wear skinny jeans and a tight crop top, it will break the proportions and emphasise everything you wanted to hide. But mums with a top is a good idea.


5. Jeans + polo shirt

This combination is too obvious. You will definitely not surprise anyone with this mix. If you add a top and a jacket to your jeans, your outfit will receive many compliments.


6. Jeans + belt with a large buckle

This year, what is fashionable is something that has a minimalist style. Get rid of wide belts with huge buckles and buy something neutral. It is not recommended to wear bright belts.


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