The actress from the series "Svaty" switched to the Ukrainian language

Sonia Stetsenko played the granddaughter of the main characters in the series

Actress Sonia Stetsenko, who portrayed Zhenia, her granddaughter in the TV series "Matchmakers" for several consecutive seasons, spoke Russian throughout her life. However, two years ago, she made the switch to Ukrainian.

Sofia shared this information in an interview with OBOZ.UA. The actress began her career in movies at the age of six, and in addition to "Matchmakers," she had roles in many other well-known films.

With the onset of the full-scale invasion, Sofiia Stetsenko sought temporary refuge from the war abroad. She lived in Prague for a while, and for the past year, she has been in Toronto. The young woman is now 20 years old. She works as an assistant on film sets and at various festivals, all while pursuing her studies in acting.

The actress from the series ''Svaty'' switched to the Ukrainian language

Three weeks ago, she visited Kyiv, where she has family - parents and an older brother.

Sofiia's mother, Svitlana Stetsenko, says that two years ago, Sonia, who used to speak Russian with her family and friends, switched to Ukrainian as a matter of principle. The whole family is now with her. "We always spoke Russian at home, and I graduated from a school where only this language was taught. Sometimes, when I call Sonechka, I inadvertently switch to Russian, and she corrects me: 'Mom, dear, please!' says Svitlana."

The actress from the series ''Svaty'' switched to the Ukrainian language

Sonia Stetsenko fondly recalls the TV series "Svaty" but adds that all the good that was there is now being undone by the current stance of the Russian actors who played the main roles in the movie. Now, they are appearing on TV shows, narrating negative stories about Ukraine both in the past and present.

"If you watch the show very carefully, you can see my mom and brother as extras. My dad also often visited the set, but they didn't manage to capture him. For me, 'Svaty' is a cherished childhood memory and a very enriching experience. However, when I think about my colleagues... Due to the full-scale invasion, I don't feel very good because the Russian actors who played the main roles support the Kremlin's aggression," the actress says.

Sonia Stetsenko began acting in films at the age of six. Her filmography includes works such as "Miracle," "Champions from the Backyard," "Swallow's Nest," "In the Sight of Love," "I'm Next Door," "Flight of the Butterfly," "Looking for a Wife and Child," and "I Can Do Anything for Love."

There were rumors at one point that Sonia Stetsenko had entered one of the Russian theater universities and stayed to work in Moscow. In a conversation with OBOZ.UA, the girl categorically denied this information.


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