Taking up arms: male models who gave up catwalks to defend Ukraine. Photo

Grabar and Utesov in the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Grabar and Utesov in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since 24 February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine with a full-scale war, thousands of women and men have gone to military recruitment offices to defend Ukraine. People from the creative professions, including singers, dancers, stylists, stand-ups, photographers and designers, have also been on the frontline.

Representatives of the fashion industry also went to fight the enemy with weapons instead of the catwalk. OBOZREVATEL tells about male models who are fighting at the front.

  • Nazar Grabar

Dancer, fashion model, and photographer Nazar Grabar has a wide audience of fans on social media. He has 115,000 followers on Instagram and 245,000 on TikTok. Grabar gained popularity thanks to his appearances on the show 'Everybody Dance!' and in music videos by famous Ukrainian celebrities, including the band 'Vremya i Steklo' and singer Svitlana Loboda.

When the full-scale invasion began, the blogger went to the front and was injured in the winter of 2022. His brother was also a soldier and died in the war.

"While some complain and make themselves victims of the situation, others are just doing their duty," Nazar once wrote on his Instagram.

Nazar Grabar before and after his service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Lev Ulesov

Lev Ulesov, one of the most popular Ukrainian male models, conquered the world catwalks at the age of 17. He wore fashionable outfits from BOSS, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste and Givenchy. In 2019, he closed the Prada show at Milan Fashion Week. Now 21, Lev works as a paramedic and evacuates wounded soldiers.

"I went to war because it is my duty as a man. I have to protect my family and home," Ulesov shared on Instagram.

Lev Ulesov conquered the world's catwalks.
  • Serhiy Kakula

Fashion model Serhiy Kakula has previously collaborated with such well-known brands as Lacoste, Riot Division, Ruslan Baginskiy, Stone Island, and Saucony. When the war broke out, he decided to defend his homeland and joined the National Guard.

"Ukraine is my home," Kakula captioned his photo on social media.

Serhiy Kakula joined the National Guard.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you about Hollywood stars who visited Ukraine during the war. The celebrities came to express their support for the Ukrainian people.

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