Secret ingredient that will make towels fluffy after washing has been revealed

Towels need vinegar, not conditioner, to make them soft

The pleasant emotions of a warm or refreshing shower or bath can be ruined by a simple towel if it is stiff and scratches your sore skin. Many people know this feeling. Unfortunately, this often happens to towels after they have been washed - they dry out and become unpleasant to the touch.

Is there anything you can do about it? Sophie Hinch, a British blogger specialising in home care tips, says yes. She told the Express that white vinegar can make towels soft and fluffy.

The reason for the stiffness of towels is an excessive amount of detergent that accumulates in the fibres of the textile. This makes the towel coarser and loses its ability to absorb moisture. White vinegar can fix this. You just need to add a cup of this liquid to the drum of the washing machine. And no more additional steps.

At the same time, the blogger's subscribers on social media shared that after using vinegar during washing, its specific smell does not remain on the clothes. They also warned against using fabric softener when washing towels. It only harms them and makes them even coarser and stiffer.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, expert Rich Handel called the use of fabric softener one of the main mistakes when washing. He also named 4 other mistakes when caring for things.

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