How to remove stains from the carpet at home: affordable life hacks

When removing stains from the carpet, the main thing is to rub them as little as possible

A carpet on the floor is a cool interior technique for zoning rooms and a very pleasant surface that you can safely walk on even barefoot. But if you get a stain on it, you won't be able to get rid of it easily. Unlike laminate or porcelain stoneware, dirt will have to be removed as carefully as from any other textile. And here it is important to know how to clean a carpet from different types of stains.

OBOZREVATEL has collected several recipes that will help remove traces of drinks, food and other popular pollutants. And avoid going to the dry cleaners. The main rule of home carpet cleaning is to never rub the stain. Doing so will rub the dirt deeper into the pile. Read on to find out how to do it right.

Soap solution

A solution of enzyme laundry detergent or laundry soap will remove most fresh stains. Blot the still-wet stain with a paper towel, making sure not to rub the liquid into the pile, and then use a sponge to soak the area with soapy water. Allow it to work for a few minutes and then wipe it off again with the wipes. Repeat several times if necessary.

Shaving foam

Foam, thanks to its bubbly texture, has the ability to push dirt out of the nap. Squeeze a little foam into the palm of your hand and gently work it into the stain with your finger. After 30 minutes, wipe the area where the stain was and vacuum the carpet.


Vinegar is best used on carpets diluted in equal proportions with water. Apply and remove it in the same way as a soap solution. It will be effective, in particular, against grease.

This liquid in the home remedy also removes coffee stains well. Take a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid for one tablespoon of vinegar and dilute it in two glasses of warm water. The rest of the procedure is the same: gently moisten the stain with the cleaner and remove the moisture with paper towels after 30 minutes.

White wine

White wine can help remove traces of red wine from the carpet. But you need to act very quickly. Blot up all the liquid you can and moisten the stain with white wine. After 15-20 minutes, dry the area with paper towels.


An iron can be used to remove sticky stains such as candle wax or paraffin stains or children's play dough from the carpet. Heat the iron to a relatively low temperature, place a dry cloth over the stain and place the appliance on top. The heat will melt the stain and the fabric will absorb it.

How to deal with an unpleasant carpet smell

This problem occurs in homes where people smoke or have pets - over time, the carpet can start to smell bad. Regular baking soda will do the trick. Sprinkle it evenly over the entire surface of the carpet and leave it overnight. In the morning, you just need to vacuum everything thoroughly.

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