How to clean a burnt baking tray: simple ways to deal with old grease

No need for expensive chemicals

The oven and all the cookware used in it pose additional challenges when it comes to cleaning. After all, grease has time to burn and set during the cooking process, and it's not easy to clean it off under running water. However, there are ways to clean the baking tray. And not even one.

OBOZREVATEL has collected tips from experienced housewives on how to care for this cookware. You don't need expensive chemicals to do this - just what you always have in your kitchen.


Salt can break down fat deposits when exposed to high temperatures. Sprinkle it evenly on the bottom of the baking tray and place it in a 100-degree oven for 40 minutes. The salt should turn brown during this time. After that, turn off the oven, remove the tray and let it cool. Then you can remove the salt and rinse the item under running water - the fat should be easily removed from its surface.

Mustard powder

The substances contained in mustard powder also dissolve old and burnt fat. But it will take some time. This cleaning should be done in the evening. Sprinkle the baking tray with the powder, pour boiling water over it and leave it to soak. In the morning, drain off the soaked dirt and rinse the baking tray with ordinary dishwashing detergent under running water.

Citric acid with baking soda

Citric acid in combination with baking soda works in the same way as vinegar, except that the dry powders do not react immediately, but only when water is added to them. Mix 5 tablespoons each of acid and baking soda and add 50 ml of water. An effervescent substance will form, which should be used to cover the grease stain. Leave the product on for 4 hours. Afterwards, rub the stain off with the hard side of the sponge, and then wash the baking tray in the usual way.

Baking powder for dough

This product works on the same principle as the previous one. Wash the baking tray from food residues and dry it. Next, sprinkle the required amount of baking powder over the entire surface or just on the stains and sprinkle them with water. After an hour, the baking tray can be gently wiped with a sponge to remove the softened dirt and washed under the tap with dishwater.

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