Israeli singer and star of Fauda TV series seriously wounded in Gaza Strip

Israeli actor and singer Idan Amedi wounded in a bombing in the Gaza Strip. Source: Instagram @idan_amedi

Idan Amedi, an Israeli actor and singer, star of the TV series Fauda, was seriously injured during the fighting in the Gaza Strip. The star was taken to a medical center in Tel Hashomer, where he is currently under sedation and receiving treatment.

His cousin Ayelet posted the news on her Instagram page, asking the Israeli public to pray for the recovery of Idan Ben Tova (Hebrew name Amedi). This was reported by The Times of Israel.

The singer was taken to hospital

The 35-year-old singer's life is currently not under threat. It is known that he was injured while serving in the reserve of the engineering troops.

Amedi serves in the reserve of the engineering troops.

He was rushed to the hospital and underwent a serious, lengthy operation. "We can cautiously say that the threat to life is over," a local TV reporter who was at the scene said. "I mean, people mostly survive such injuries."

The star underwent surgery

In a video message recorded last week in the midst of the war, Amedi called for an end to internal disputes among Israelis, "After 90 days of fighting, we continue to destroy short-range rocket launchers, launch sites and command posts of the Hamas terrorist organization. I join my fellow reservists in calling on politicians, the media and everyone else: if you have nothing to say, just shut your mouths. The people of Israel will live."

Idan Amedi in the Fauda series

Idan Amedi is known for his role in the series Fauda, which tells the story of a group of soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces' counterterrorism unit who work undercover.

The star was drafted after Hamas attack on Israel

After the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, the singer was drafted into the IDF as a reservist. He was among the first Israeli troops to reach the Gaza coast.

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