Yuri Kot

Yuri Kot

Anti-Maidan activist, Russian propagandist
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Short biography

Yuri Vladimirovich Kot is an anti-Ukrainian propagandist, "the voice of Antimaidan".

Brief biography

Yuri Kot was born in Zhytomyr, January 23, 1976.

He graduated from the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television named after I.K. Karpenko-Karpenko-Karogo with a degree in film directing.

He worked on such TV channels as UT-1, Novy Channel and Inter.

During the Revolution of Dignity, Yuriy Kot was a presenter of "Antimaidan" rallies in Kiev.

After the revolution, during the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of war in Donbass, Kot fled to Russia. There, he took a job as editor-in-chief of the scandalous anti-Ukrainian online publicationUkraina.ru.

In 2015, he moved to a similar news agencyNews Front, known for its fierce pro-Russian stance and open support for separatism in eastern Ukraine.

Together with former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, who fled to the Russian Federation, and several former Ukrainian MPs, he created theCommittee to Save Ukraine, from which he later resigned.

He is the coordinator of the scandalous Kremlin project "Immortal Regiment of Ukraine".

Yuri Kot is a traitor

The odious presenter is a frequent guest of various Russian TV programs on many blatantly Kremlin-owned TV channels, such as NTV and Russia 1.

He has become famous for his blatant pro-Russian lies and propaganda statements. Among the most high-profile:

  • The claim that Maidan activists were paid up to five hundred dollars for a single Molotov cocktail thrown.

  • The claim that in fact all Ukrainian Cossacks were "originally Russian."

  • A statement about NATO troops parading on the Maidan in Kiev.

  • Accusing Ukraine of betraying Russia and refusing to help the Russian Federation in its war against the West.

  • The lie that the Malaysian Boeing flight MH-17 was shot down by the AFU.

  • Loud threats of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

  • Accusing the population and authorities of Lviv of neo-Nazism and "persecution of Russian speakers".

  • Calling on the Russian authorities to turn Ukraine into Syria.

In addition, Yuriy Kot adheres to the Kremlin's propaganda policy, claiming rampant Nazism in Ukraine, mass shootings of Russian speakers, and regularly broadcasts statements about "brotherly nations" and "spiritual scruples."

Also for his false statements Kot does not hesitate to use and Facebook page.

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