Toto Cutugno

Toto Cutugno

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Toto is married, his wife's name is Carla. The blond beauty with huge black eyes entered his life forever at the very moment when he saw her for the first time. It happened in 1967 on the beach in Legnano. He immediately realized: this is his destiny. However, at first Carla did not even want to look at a long thin guy with a clearly gypsy appearance. But he was persistent. He courted her for four years! Finally, she agreed to marry him. This marriage was a rare success, and the couple itself in the world of artistic bohemia Italy has always been considered exemplary.

Kutunyo, who has no shortage of admirers, never rushed for easy prey, was not involved in love affairs, as almost all popular singers and artists. On every occasion he declared that he - the happiest man, because Carla knows how to be a passionate mistress, a devoted sister, a loving mother. She knows how to support him in moments of creative crisis or mental decline, teaches him not to lose his head in moments of noisy success. Only Carla knows how to fight his difficult character, smooths out the sharp edges, indulges whims, put up with his vanity, helps to overcome attacks of acute shyness and insecurity, which the singer was exposed to since childhood ...

His father, a Sicilian by birth, served in the navy, and in his spare time was fond of playing the trumpet. It was he who gave his son his first music lessons. Kutunyo has no musical education - he is a nugget. He started composing at the age of 16. And success came when in 1974 he wrote a song especially for Joe Dassen and he performed it. From that day the young composer went uphill. Melodic, a little sad and very romantic songs of Coutugno for many years decorated the repertoires of famous singers: Italians Domenico Modugno, Adriano Celentano, Christian, French Joe Dassin, Dalida, Michel Sardou, American Petula Clark. Toto himself performed his compositions, gathering huge audiences.

He appeared several times on the stage of the San Remo Festival. In 1983 he performed the song "Italian" at this prestigious contest and won the first place. Sang, accompanying himself on the guitar, and his soft, chesty voice and simple, memorable melody penetrated into the soul. "Let me sing with guitar in hand, let me sing because I'm proud of it, I'm Italian, a real Italian!" This song brought him truly international fame. In whatever country he went on tour - and he was invited many and willingly - the audience invariably shouted: "Italiano", "Italiano"!

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