Tatyana Reshetnyak (Tayanna)

Tatyana Reshetnyak (Tayanna)

Ukrainian singer
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Short biography

Tatiana Reshetnyak (creative pseudonym Tayanna) is a popular Ukrainian singer.

Brief biography

Tatyana Reshetnyak was born September 29, 1984 in Chernivtsi. She studied singing since she was thirteen years old and sang in an ensemble.

In 2001 she performed with the ensemble during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Lviv.

She made her debut solo performance at the festival "Black Sea Games" in Skadovsk, where she took third place.

In 2008-2011 Tatiana Reshetnyak sang in the pop music group "Hot Chocolate".

She started her solo career after a loud exit from the group, which was caused by the end of her affair with the producer of "Hot Chocolate" Dmitry Klimashenko.

Two years in a row she participated in the TV project "The Voice of the Country". In 2016, reached the superfinal with Potap as a star coach.

In 2016, she took the creative pseudonym Tayanna and started working with producer Alan Badoev.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, she reached the final of the national selection, but lost to the rock band O.Torvald.

At the national selection of Eurovision 2018 she lost to Melovin. During the contest, the singer was accused of using a phonogram.

In 2019, despite high chances to win, Tayanna unexpectedly and without explanation refused to participate in the Ukrainian Eurovision national selection.

Personal life

For three years she was married. Tayanna Reshetnyak has a son Daniel.


Tayanna has recorded two solo albums:

  • "TAYANNA. Portraits" was released in 2016.

  • "Trimay mene " is the album of 2017.

Tayanna's most popular songs are considered to be:

  • "Autumn."

  • "9 Lives."

  • "I Know and I Believe."

  • "Embrace."

  • "Alone."

  • "Forget."

Tayanna has music videos for many of these hits, which are hugely popular online.

Tayanna Reshetnyak is also the proud winner of theGolden Firebird Award in two categories and theWoman of the Third Millennium Award. In 2017, she won the M1 Music Awards, earning the title "Breakthrough of the Year."

Online activity

There are almost nine thousand people subscribed to Tayanna's Facebook page. But at the same time Tatiana Reshetnyak's Instagram account has already gathered 172 thousand subscribers.

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