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Stephen Victor Tallarico (born March 26, 1948 in New York City), better known as Steven Tayler, dreamed of becoming a gamekeeper as a child, worked part-time in a bakery to have a few extra bucks in his pocket, and aspired to be a future president. With his first executive order, he vowed to give all citizens of the United States equal rights to a good education. During his high school years he was a vocalist in many amateur bands, including The Left Bank and many others.

When he came to rest at the Trow-Rico resort his family owned and located near Sunapee, New Hampshire, Tyler, a great ice cream lover, met Joe Perry, Anthony Joseph Perry (b. September 10, 1950 in Lawrence, Massachusetts), who worked in an ice cream store and was at the same time a guitarist in the Jam Band, as well as Chain Reaction, which mostly covers rock classics and plays wherever they are lucky enough.

Aerosmith's debut album of the same name sold well, but the band received the long expected barrage of criticism of transparent borrowings from the Rollings, but, as time would later show, their first album was not a huge success, becoming twice platinum. It included two significant pieces that later made their way through the Aerosmith songbooks.

Aerosmith immediately went on tour. They stirred up the Boston nightlife with the noise of their noisy guitars and the screams of a snake-like, impulsive Steven Tyler. They toured and toured. They came to a new city in the morning, did drugs in the afternoon and played their concerts in the evening. It was like that every single day. I don't know how with such a busy schedule they managed to release the second album "Get Your Wings" the very next year. At the same time Tyler was slowly being distinguished from Jagger. He became a vocal acrobat. No one knew when he would next break his voice, speeding up and slowing down the steady flow of the song. They almost became famous with this album (two "platinum" again), but so far so good.

For three years now, Aerosmith, sitting on heroin, has somehow fantastically added every year. But it couldn't go on indefinitely. With the 1977 release of "Draw The Line," it appeared that they would once again hang a platinum disc in their studio. But, objectively speaking, after "Rocks," it was a step or two backward. Yes, they still had the unshakable credibility of "super live" rockers, but what is this? - They started writing mediocre stuff, repeating themselves, and Tyler was starting to look awfully tired at 29. The British tour was a flop.

The band's fans had to wait four whole years for a new album. The album "Get A Grip" immediately hit the top of most of the world charts and, not to mention the amazing singles from it, sold over 5 million copies. Stephen could now drag through the courts anyone who would dare accuse him of drug addiction. What Tyler's voice and Perry's guitar used to be criticized for, the former critics then immediately liked.

And the trilogy of awesome music videos featuring Steven's daughter Liv Taylor ("Cryin'," "Amazing" and "Crazy") are simply cinematic masterpieces, not just the creations of directors and musicians' work that launched the young talented and eerily sexy actress' Hollywood career. Thank you, MTV! After all, it was her efforts that the Hollywood bigwigs had their eyes on Miss Tyler, and the whole planet began to sing the band's trendy songs.

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