Sergei Pritula

Sergei Pritula

Ukrainian comedian and TV presenter
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Short biography

Serhiy Dmytroevych Pritula is a Ukrainian comedian and TV presenter, volunteer.

Brief biography

Sergiy Pritula was born in Zbarazh, in Ternopil region, on June 22, 1981.

Sergei Pritula received his higher education at the Ternopil National Economic University, but never worked in his specialty.

He started his media career at the radio station "Radio Ternopil", where he appeared on the air in 1999 as a presenter.

In 2004, he appeared on television, hosting the entertainment program "It was yours - it became ours" on the channel "Inter".

In 2005, he briefly returned to the radio air, having worked on "Music-radio".

But in 2006 Sergey Pritula moved to the newly created "Comedy Club UA", where he became famous for his series of miniatures "Ukrainzi". He performed under the stage name "Ternopilsky Syrii" until 2009.

In 2008 Serhiy Pritula became the "morning face" of "Novy Channel", where together with Oleksandr Pedan he hosted the show "Rise".

In August 2008, NovyChannel aired the sketch show "Faina Yukrayna", developed and written by Serhiy Pritula. He also played key roles in it.

After the beginning of the war in Donbass, Sergei Prytula took an active part in the volunteer movement to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions. He not only collected donations, but also contributed substantial sums from his earnings. Serhiy Pritula has repeatedly donated volunteer aid to the front - both medicines and uniforms, as well as expensive equipment, thermal imagers, night vision devices, optics, etc.

Since 2015, Sergei Pritula has been hosting the show "Superintuition" on the "Novy Channel", and since 2016 - entertainment and humorous program "Varyaty-show". Both programs continue to be on the air to this day.

In 2017, Serhiy Pritula led Ukraine's national selection for Eurovision 2017.

In 2018, Serhiy Pritula led the national selection of Ukraine for Eurovision-2018, and also became a commentator of Eurovision in Ukraine.

Personal life

Serhiy Prytula's first wife, Yulia, gave Serhiy a son, Dmitry.

Sergey Pritula's second wife is Ekaterina Sopelnik, whom Pritula married in 2015-m. And in 2017th year the couple had a daughter - Solomiya.

Activity in the network

In addition to his official website, Sergei Pritula is very active in the most popular social networks.

  • Facebook. Sergey Pritula's Facebook page is subscribed by half a million people.

  • Instagram. More than 600 thousand users follow the appearance of new videos and fresh photos of Sergei Pritula in Instagram .

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