Sergei Borzov

Sergei Borzov

Head of the State Administration of Affairs
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Short biography

Serhiy Borzov is the head of the State Property Management under the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Brief biography

Sergiy Borzov was born on the first day of 1981, the first of January.

Borzov received his higher education at the Faculty of History of the State Pedagogical University of Vinnitsa.

In 2006, Borzov headed the popular KVN team "Vinnitsa Peppers", which he led until 2011. Later for a year Borzov managed the Ukrainian KVN team and worked in the television creative association "Alexander Maslyakov and Company".

Borzov started his political career with Arseniy Yatsenyuk 's Front for Change party - it was from this political force that Sergey Borzov ran for the regional council of Vinnytsia.

In 2014, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko appointed Serhiy Borzov as deputy head of the State Administration of Affairs under the Presidential Administration.

In 2019, the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky promoted Sergiy Borzov to the post of head of the State Department of Affairs under the Office of the President of Ukraine by his decree.

Personal life

The official is married. Serhiy Borzov's wife is Irina. The couple is raising three children.

Borzov's apartment

In 2016, Sergei Borzov got into a high-profile corruption scandal. According to the program "Our Groshi with Denis Bigus", Sergei Borzov received a free apartment of 190 square meters on Pechersk from the MUD.

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