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Sergei Bezrukov

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The biography of Sergei Bezrukov is characterized by a huge creative potential, which laid in him parents. Sergei Bezrukov is a native Muscovite, born on October 18, 1973. His father is a director Vitaly Bezrukov. His parents named him Sergei in honor of the poet they loved very much - Sergei Yesenin. His father from childhood taught his son not to play a role on stage, but to live it.

Already at the age of fourteen Bezrukov plays in the theatrical production of "My Poor Marat", after which the young actor realized how important it is to remember his feelings during the performance of his role.

After graduating from school, Sergei Bezrukov goes to study at the studio of the Moscow Art Theater, where his teacher was Oleg Tabakov. Once Sergei admitted that Oleg Pavlovich never gave indulgences, but accustomed to the hardships of the acting profession. Sergei graduated from the Institute with honors.

During his studies, the future celebrity is already playing in the theater of O. Tabakov. He played in the productions "Revizor", "Local Time", "The Silence of the Sailor". For these theatrical works Bezrukov received many awards.

An important role in the biography of Sergei Bezrukov was played in 1997 in the play "My Life, did you dream of me" The young actor was awarded the State Prize.

The main critic in the life of Sergei Bezrukov is his father, who goes to almost every performance of his son. Especially his father likes productions about Esenin, as he himself once had a dream to play the image of the great poet.

Oleg Tabakov recognizes that Sergei Bezrukov is a man who was given the acting gift of nature. Every day of life on earth for him is a life in the theater.

Bezrukov also worked on the television channel NTV. There he was the voice of the characters of the program "Puppets". His favorite images were Kulikov and Zhirinovsky. It was "Dolls" that to some extent made Bezrukov famous. But at some point Sergei realized that this type of activity does not meet his inner state.

"Brigade" biography of Sergei Bezrukov begins in 2001, this period is marked by the release of the series "Brigade". The project was considered one of the most expensive. On the role of Sasha White auditioned more than three hundred people, but Sergei was approved for the role after the first casting.

Interesting facts from the life of Sergei Bezrukov.

Once Sergei Bezrukov admitted that in childhood he had no real friends, he was a complex person.

Given that the growth of Sergei Bezrukov 173 cm, he had a feeling that he was not like everyone else. Compared with his peers, Sergei was the smallest growth. Back in school, he fell in love with a beautiful girl of high growth, who out of three applicants chose Seryozha. Having grown up, Sergei plays great people who also had a small growth.

Now Bezrukov is very concerned about his figure, terribly afraid of extra kilograms. As for the actor's nutrition, he does not like borscht, so he considers them harmful to the body. Prefers salads and meat in pure form. The 37-year-old artist rarely allows himself tastes, which likes to spoil his wife Irina.

Today the weight of Sergei Bezrukov - 75 kg, he is in excellent physical shape, is fond of boxing, but is not going to enter the ring yet.

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